iTEC10 Exposition

Enjoy top innovations in the modern world of information and communication - future technologies to touch and to try out. Exciting high-tech exhibits and specialists present the future. How will we move, work, live more intelligently? Inform yourself in relaxed conversations.  



  • Advanced Cyber Entertainment GmbH

  • Arbeitskreis Forum Hessen-IT

  • BMBF/VDE Innovationspartnerschaft AAL

  • BSC Computer GmbH

  • Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft BVMW

  • cesah - Centre for Satellite Navigation Hessen

  • dictaJet GmbH

  • EEN - Enterprise Europe Network Hessen

  • ESA - European Space Agency

  • F.A.Z.-Institute

  • Fraunhofer Alliance Ambient Assisted Living

  • Fraunhofer IGD

  • Hessen-IT, Action-line of the the Hessian Ministry of Economy,
    Transport, Urban and Rural Development

  • Hessen ModellProjekte

  • Hochschule Darmstadt (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt)

  • httc (Hessian Telemedia Technology Competence Centre)

  • itSofD® - IT Solutions for Deaf

  • Konrad-Zuse-Museum

  • Nintendo

  • Software & Support Media

  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
    - Abenteuer Informatik - Informatik begreifen
    - Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM)
    - Racing Team e.V.
    - Simulation, System Optimization and Robotics Group
    - Telecooperation

  • T-Systems International GmbH

  • University of Kassel

  • Virgin Racing

* partly requested