iTEC10 Sponsoring

Why should you sponsor iTEC10?

-      to create contacts and networks

-      to present your business on an international congress
       with high level speakers in politics and economy

-      target group I: small and medium (SME) ICT user enterprises

-      target group II: ICT vendor enterprises 

Package Basic (500 EUR plus VAT)


  • Target group: SME ICT user enterprises and ICT vendor enterprises
  • Logo partnership (Flyer, Website, Print newsletter)
  • Free participation of 4 persons
  • Free participation at the VIP-dinner (1 person)
  • Free slot at the IT SLAM (value: 300 EUR)

Package Corporate (3000 EUR plus VAT)


  • Logo partnership (Flyer, Website, Mailing activities, VIP invitation, Print-newsletter)
  • Exhibition - stand area: 3m x 2m
  • Free participation of 10 persons 
  • Free participation at the VIP dinner (2 persons)
  • Free slot at the IT SLAM (value: 300 EUR)
  • Free WLAN access