Kongresszeitung zur iTEC08

iTEC08 - News - Congress paper

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• E-Skills in a globalised World
• EIGA: award ceremony
• Congress impressions
• Ambient mobility
• Ambient technology – a blessing or curse?
• An ICT outlook for 2019
• The new software cluster in Darmstadt
• sponsors/ partners

Our Speakers

On November 6th and 7th, 2008, the new ICT-Congress for enterprises "iTEC08 – Your Technology Hotspot" took place in Darmstadt. More than 700 participants enjoyed this congress (completely held in English and German) with quite a number of very distinguished speakers, among them:

iTEC08 at a glance

Hessen-IT launched the iTEC - Your international Hotspot in 2008. The first international iTEC conference created an enthusiastic feedback. iTEC08 achieved more than:

  • 700 participants
  • 100 speakers
  • 20 workshops
  • 50 exhibitors

Rudolf Strohmeier

Head of the Cabinet
EU Commissioner Viviane Reding (Information Society and Media)

Andreas Schwarz

Member of the Cabinet
EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen (Enterprise and Industry)

Heinrich Hiesinger

Heinrich Hiesinger
CEO Industry
Siemens AG

Lutz Heuser

Head of
SAP Research,
Chief Development Architect

Henrik Müller

manager magazin

Falk Börsch, CEO TÜV Hessen:

"I have missed a conference like „iTEC08 – Your Technology Hotspot“ so far. This event will attract entrepreneurs from beyond Germany, who want to get informed about the latest technologies for their everyday business in a very concentrated way without the hazzle of a fair. Of course, I´m glad that this conference will take place in the new highlight of the Science City Darmstadt, the darmstadtium. I am especially fascinated by the seniority of the speakers and the international look at this broad range of topics."

Horst Westerfeld

CIO Hessen

August-Wilhelm Scheer

President BITKOM,
Vice-president BDI

Reinhard Clemens

CEO T-Systems,
Member of the board, Deutsche Telekom

Karl-Heinz Streibich

CEO Software AG

Gregor Honsel

Technology Review

Programme – Schedule and Focus

November 6th, 2008

  • high-level kick-off discussion on e-skills in a globalized world
  • series of parallel sessions
  • Award ceremony for the European Innovative Games Award 2008
  • conference dinner

November 7th, 2008

  • high-level plenary discussion on ICT-based innovation trends
  • a series of parallel sessions
  • a technology tour in the Science City Darmstadt

Subject areas 

  • Competencies:
    • E-Skills
    • Knowledge & Learning
    • E-Inclusion

  • Technology:
    • Broadband Future
    • E-Traffic
    • IT-Security

  • Enterprise applications:
    • E-Production
    • Mobile Business
    • Success for small enterprises (SME)
    • Networks / Distributed applications / International aspects

  • Digital worlds:
    • Regional ICT-strategies
    • Virtual Engineering & Augmented Reality
    • Ambient technologies
    • Digital Communities